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Q: The sync-process in the beginning takes very long.

A: kleek uses the API of Facebook. It might happen that there are sometimes problems with the connection to Facebook. If the initial sync-process takes longer than one or two minutes you should close the app. Go back to the homescreen, double-click on your iPhone and push on the app-icon for a few seconds. The icon will start to shake and you can close it by clicking on the stop-symbol. Start kleek again after a couple of minutes. Don’t push the app into the background during the syncronisation.


Q: I got problems to select my best friends.
A: The selection of your clique requires a stable connection to the internet and to the Facebook-API. Sometimes there might occur problems with the connection to Facebook. In that case you should close the app and give it another try after a couple of minutes.
kleek uses the “close friends”-list on Facebook to manage your favorite contacts. You can skip the selection within the app by editing this list on your desktop. Just log into Facebook and click on “close friends” in the left column. From there you can add or remove your friends. The next time you open kleek, the app will update automatically and you find your selected friends in the preview.


Q: The stream is updating and nothing happens for a longer time.
A: kleek is fetching data from Facebook and sometimes there might happen an capacity overload. In that case hit your iPhone button to return to the homescreen, push the button two times in a row and put your thumb upon the app icon. The icon will start shaking and you can switch off the app. Keep calm, wait for a couple of minutes and try again.


Q: I can’t tag friends on a status-update.
A: Tagging people only works in combination with a picture or check-in. This restriction is made by Facebook, not by us. So unfortunately, you have to take a picture of your food or check-in at a starbucks nearby. ;-)


Q: Does kleek save personal data from me?
A: That´s a clear no! kleek doesn´t save any personal data from you. But you should be aware that everything you post will be published within the sphere of Facebook, Inc. Check out our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use for further information.


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